Brand Identity

Artik Visual offers the corporate image management service, that is the planning and execution of activities aimed at developing Brand Identity and increasing Brand Awareness.

Our strategists, after a careful analysis of your company, competitors and target market, develop the most effective integrated communication strategy to enhance your brand. The communication strategy is based on the distinctive features of your company (such as its his- tory, vision, mission and the products and services provided). Based on these, the storytelling is structured, that is the narrative line that will be maintained during the development of the corporate image.
Once the integrated communication strategy has been planned, our staff work on the production of the content, realising the project. Artik Visual boasts of a fully in-house production, composed of professionals covering every area of corporate communication: from Videomaking to Digital Marketing, and from Influencers to Con- tent Creators.

Una volta pianificata la strategia di comunicazione integrata, il nostro staff si occupa della produzione dei contenuti, concretizzando il progetto.
Artik Visual vanta di una produzione totalmente interna, composta da professionisti che coprono ogni settore della comunicazione aziendale: dal Videomaking al Digital Marketing, e dagli Influencers ai Content Creators.

The results obtained are analysed and re-processed periodically, so that the client can be kept up- dated on the progress and development of the project.
A coordinated and trend-setting corporate image will create or improve the Brand Identity, reflect- ing the philosophy and values of the company at best. In this way, the Brand Image will ensure credibility and trust on the market.